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YIH Scouting Religious Guidelines

All programming in Pack 18 and Troop 18 is governed by the guiding principle that all Jewish Youth should have the ability to fully participate in Scouting Life in a way that shows Reverence, the point of Scout Law that urges Scouts to follow their faith and respect the beliefs of others.

All Unit functions are respectful of the restrictions of the Jewish Sabbath and Jewish Dietary Laws (Kashrut). Chartered by Young Israel of Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale's youth department, all Scout campsites are Shomer Shabbat, and all Pack/Troop/Patrol kitchens are Kosher as understood by Young Israel. Members of our Scout families come from a variety of backgrounds, and all programming is verified by knowledgeable and dedicated adult volunteers to make certain that programming does not ask any Scout's to compromise their religious faith.

In 2018, the National Jewish Committee on Scouting chose to update it's Shomer Shabbat Guidelines, and the leadership of Pack 18 wrote the current Minimalist Guide to Kosher Camping. You could say that our leaders "literally wrote the book" on Shomer Shabbat Camping.

All behavior is governed by both our Charter Organization's guidelines and BSA's guidelines. Where there is a conflict, the stricter standard is upheld.

Resources and Guidelines

Leaders are happy to answer any questions. We aim to provide a warm, nurturing, environment for all the Scouts in our units.

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