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Young Israel Religious Guidelines

Pack 18 and Troop 18 are chartered to Young Israel of Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale. We are officially part of Young Israel's Youth Program, and provide a fun, outdoor oriented Scout Program within the tenants of our faith.

Religious Programming Overview

  1. All Scout Leaders Identify as Jewish
  2. We recruit Jewish Scouts regardless of religious affiliation.
  3. All food is Kosher. All activies comply with the Jewish Sabbath.
  4. Age appropriate religious programming is included on campouts.
  5. Our uniforming policies comply with Jewish Law.

How does this work?

When we camp over Shabbat, our campsite is setup before Shabbat begins. We have a set of NCSY Siddurim that we use for prayer services. We have a great time and plan Shabbat Compliant activities on Shabbat.

Does this work?

Yes. Our Units complete BSA's Journey to Excellence, the gold standard in unit performance. We attend Camporees and routinely win awards. Our leaders coordinate with BSA leadership to make sure that sufficient activities are always available for our Scouts.

Does BSA Have Shomer-Shabbat Camping Guidelines?

Yes. Our Committee Chair, Alex Hochberger, wrote them. He has been recognized with the Shofar Award by the National Jewish Committee on Scouting. We run our program at the highest levels.

Downloadable documents

  1. Religious Guidelines
  2. Kashrut Guidelines
  3. Uniform Guidelines
  4. Vaccination Policy

Any questions?

Leaders are happy to answer any questions. We aim to provide a warm, nurturing, environment for all the Scouts in our units. We serve all Jewish Scouts. We have had the sons and daughters of Orthodox Rabbis. We have had Scouts for whom this is their only Jewish activity. They all work together and have fun.

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