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COVID-19 Mitigation Guidelines

Pack 18 and Troop 18 is chartered to Young Israel of Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale, where we meet each week. We are meeting outdoors in the covered tent.

General Guidelines

Scouting Group 18 takes the health and safety of our community very seriously, and is following recommendations as laid out by the CDC and Florida Department of Health. We have remote options for Scouts that are not comfortable with in-person meetings whether that is because that are high risk or have family members, that are high risk, or any other reason. We trust that Scouts and their Family's will take appropriate measures.

At this time the Scouts are generally meeting outdoors. Under Young Israel's Building guidelines, unvaccinated individuals are obligated to wear a mask when indoors. We are generally avoiding indoor meetings at this time.

Adult leader meetings have generally been conducted via Zoom or on the back patio of the home of some of our leaders.


  • All local ordinances regarding facial coverings are in effect.
  • Scout Leaders are maintaining a 6' Social Distance around youth and each other.
  • Hand sanitation and temperature checks are encouraged upon arrival.
  • Indoor activities require unvaccinated individuals to wear masks.
  • Any exposure or contact tracing is reported to the leaders who are disseminating information as appropriate.

In a global pandemic, there is obviously nothing that can eliminate all risk of disease transfer. We believe that our policies drastically reduce the risks to our Scouts, our Leaders, and their families, while allowing Scouts to engage in healthy physical activity.

Scout is Obedient.

Part of the Scout Law is Obedience, which includes following the directives of our leadership. Regardless of anyones personal opinion on the current situation, as Scouts we follow directives from the following institutions:

  • Scouting Chain of Command
    • Young Israel of Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale
    • Boy Scouts of America South Florida Council
    • Boy Scouts of America
  • Legal Authorities
    • City Hollywood, FL - Mayor and City Administrator
    • Broward County Florida - County Administrator
    • State of Florida - Governor and Florida Department of Health
    • the United States of America - President and Center for Disease Control (CDC)

By following the recommendations of our democratic government's leadership, we fulfill our goals as Citizens and our Jewish Obligations of Pikuach Nefesh (Saving a Life) and Dina D'malkhuta Dina (The Law of the Land is the Law). We are teaching Scouts to be good Jews and good Citizens at all times.

Any questions?

Leaders are happy to answer any questions. We aim to provide a warm, nurturing, environment for all the Scouts in our units. We serve all Jewish Scouts. We have had the sons and daughters of Orthodox Rabbis. We have had Scouts for whom this is their only Jewish activity. They all work together and have fun.

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