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Scouting Calendar Information

Annual calendars are completed in May and digitized over the summer. Color coded printed versions are provided at Join Scouting Night and will be made available on the website. The most up to date information is on the Google Calendars.

Subscribing to Calendar - Mac or Mac & iPhone (iCloud)

  1. Verify that iOS Device (Phone/Tablet) and Computer share an iCloud login
  2. Open Calendar Application on your Mac Computer
  3. File / Subscribe to Calendar...
  4. Choose the Appropriate URL
    • Pack URL:
    • Troop URL:
  5. Location: iCloud (to sync to iPhone/iPad)
  6. Uncheck "Remove: Alerts" and "Remove: Attachments"
  7. Set Auto-Refresh to "Every Day"

Subscribing to Calendar - iPhone/iPad (without Mac)

  1. On your phone, copy the appropriate URL:
    • Pack URL:
    • Troop URL:
  2. Go into Settings, Passwords and Accounts
  3. Choose Add Account, "Other", "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  4. Paste the URL
  5. For Description, enter Pack 18 or Troop 18

Subscribing to Calendar - Android/Google

  1. Most up to date information is in Google's help: Add someone else's Google calendar
  2. On a desktop computer, go to Google Calendar and login with the same account as you use on your phone
  3. On the left side, next to “Other calendars,” click Add Add and then From URL (or Subscribe to calendar, see below).
  4. Add "From URL" and enter the appropriate URL:
    • Pack URL:
    • Troop URL:
  5. Alternative: In the "Add calendar" box, enter email address for the calendar in question:

Leaders are happy to answer any questions. We aim to provide a warm, nurturing, environment for all the Scouts in our units.

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