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Pack 18 and Girl Scout Troop 10618 take First Place Prepared for Life

Welcome to Scouting!

Welcome to Scouting Group 18, offering BSA's Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA programming to Jewish Youth in South Florida.

What is Scouting

Scouting is fun, excitement, and learning. ALl youth served with Cub Scouting - Grades K-5, and Scouts BSA (FKA Boy Scouts) - Grade 6-12.

Where do you meet?

We meet at the large tent behind Young Israel of Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale. It is a covered area with bug zappers and outdoor lighting.

When do you meet?

Troop 18 Scouts (Middle/High School) meets from 6:30 - 8:00 on Wednesdays.

The Cub Scouts (Elementary School) meet from 6:30-7:30 on Wednesdays.

See our COVID 19 Policies to understand how this is working right now.

Award Winning Programs

Pack 18 Boys and Girls have won awards at Scoutmasters Camporee and Seminole District Cuboree for four straight years. Troop 18 has won awards at Scoutmasters Camporee for two straight years, and several awards at the inaugural Seminole District Fall Camporee.

All our Programs complete the BSA's Journey to Excellence Programming, aiming to keep all programming at the Gold level to ensure the best programming for the youth.

From Lion to Eagle

It's hard to believe that your elementary school child could be an Eagle Scout, but Troop 18 celebrated three Eagle Scouts recently, and has three more Scouts on their way. From Cub Scouting to Webelos to Scouting, Scouts advance with their ages and are ready for Scouting.

We work together in our programming to be age appropriate, while also working together. The Scouts in Troop 18 will come into Pack Meetings to teach some Scout Skills, and the young Cub Scouts will come to Troop Courts of Honor to cheer on the older Scouts Advancing. Pack and Troop meet separately but support each other as a shared Scouting Group.

Values and Fun

Scouting is a Values organization that uses the outdoors as our classroom. The goal of our Scout Leaders is to reinforce the positive values that you are teaching in your home. Respect for your parents and their values is at the core of what we focus.

We have fun all meeting. We reinforce the lessons with a "Scoutmaster Minute" or "Cubmaster Minute" to reinforce the values, but we are not a school. Our youth learn by doing, and learn to become better citizens in the family, school, community, nation, and world. This starts with "developing a family fire drill," continues on to "visit a first station and police station" Cub Scouts, continues up with meeting with a Local Elected Official in the Scout Ranks, and finishes with completing three Merit Badges on Citizenship on the path to Eagle.

Embracing Co-ed Scouting

We have embraced BSA's inclusion of girls in the program from day 1. We accepted girls into the Pack Program the day it was permitted.

We chartered a Girl Troop on the first day they were accepted, February 1, 2019. We have run parallel programs for Boys and Girls as full participants.

Our youth leadership proudly supports each other and works together on areas of advancement and teaching, within the structure of single-gender patrols.

Jewish Scout Leadership

We help direct the local Jewish Committee on Scouting, which supports Jewish Scouts whether they are in Jewish Units, Secular Units, or Church based Units. We host the Jewish Emblem Workshop, and help host the joint Kabbalat Shabbat Service at Scoutmasters Camporee.

We have had two adult leaders receive the Shofar Award for our leadership in the Jewish Scouting community. We have helped the National Jewish Committee on Scouting update their Shomer Shabbat Scouting Guidelines. We have been held up as the gold standard for Jewish Scouting - Shomer Mitzvot and Top Notch Scouting.

Experienced Leadership

Troop 18 is led by Alex Hochberger, Bette Hochberger, and Jon Garber.

Pack 18 is led by Cubmaster Ben Jay-Gordon.

Charter Org. Rep Avi Frier supervises our program.

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