Where do I purchase my Boy Scout uniforms?
Miami Scout Shop. MAP

What is the age limit for this Troop?
The group is divided by Cub Scouts: boys entering the 1st grade through 5th grade. These boys make up our Pack 18. They are divided by grades within the Pack as: 1st grade Tiger, 2nd grade Wolf, 3rd grade Bear, 4th & 5th graders Webelos. Half way through the 5th grade the boys ceremoniously become Boy Scouts; these boys make up our Troop 18. Boys can continue on through age 17. Boy scouts at this level run their own meetings rather the then adults. The activities are a bit more high adventure and skill based.

When are the meetings and briefly, what do they entail exactly?
During the summer we have a few monthly events. However starting Sept. 9th we’ll meet at Striling Elem. Wednesdays at 6:30 PM for the Cub Scouts/Pack 18 and 7:00 PM for the Boys Scouts/Troop 18.  Interacting and learning how to be a team player, life skills, community service, and citizenship. Once a month we’ll go on an outing, Cubbies - perhaps the Everglades, an overnight at the Museum or camping Lion Country Safari, sports games such as the Marlins with the boys getting to run the bases. Boy Scouts – mountain biking, paint balling, primitive camping and high adventure such as kayaking and backpacking. Everything we do will follow all of the 100 year tradition and discipline of the Boy Scouts of America. Boys together as a Den and individually with their families they will work towards the various merits, awards and life skills that will make them great men.

How can people find out more about it?
Go to www.JewishBoyScouts.com and we also have a Face Book page of course Jewish Boy Scouts.

How does it cater to Jewish families exactly?  For example, what activities that are specific to your faith will you be undertaking?
We will maintain all the traditions and guidelines within the Jewish faith. For example we will only eat kosher food and pitch tents before the Sabbath begins.   Events will never be on a Jewish Holiday so he boys won’t have to worry about participating.  Also, for example the celebration of the harvest festival of Sukkot involves eating a meal inside a Sukkah/thatched hut under the stars and celebrating. We’ll do this. During Passover for example we might learn how to make traditional (matzo) unleavened bread…this will be a fun & messy challenge!

Do you have to be Jewish to join?
Of course NOT.

What do you hope to accomplish through this Troop?
We would like to bring together Jewish boys, and their families, regardless of what their individual level of religious observance might be because we’re Boy Scouts first who happen to be Jewish. Our goals are similar to the other faith based troops. Nationwide there are 56 Buddhist troops, 85 Muslim troops, thousands of Christian troops for each denomination including 4,000 Baptist and 8,713 Catholic, but only 184 Jewish troops with none, until now, in South Florida.

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